Welcome to /Not Alone from Pride in Surrey, for us it’s important you know that we’re doing all we can to improve the visibility of everyone who sits within the LGBTQ+ community whilst also ensuring we create safe online and physical meeting spaces (where at all possible).

From a text to talk service and additional domestic abuse help service plus a range of live and pre-recorded shows such as, /Not Alone talks, “Get Moving” Fitness, Cook-along-live and Muse on the News. These alongside interviews and special events to celebrate key dates in the LGBTQ+ communities diaries, we know you understand the importance of our message: YOU are /Not Alone!

If you have a show idea, would like to perform, talk or are generally interested in what we are doing please get in touch by e-mailing: Proud@prideinsurrey.org.uk

Additionally, you can also text: TALK + your message to: 88440* if you wish to ask us any questions, need someone to talk to or wish to be connected to a support charity or non-profit organisation that could support you.

*Texts to 88440 are charged at standard sms network rate.