The /NOT Alone campaign is a Pride in Surrey initiative to help reduce isolation, loneliness and the negative effects of the current situation brought about by Covid-19.

The Pride in Surrey Team were in full swing organising a second Pride for August 2020 when lockdown became more likely and then took hold. At this point it became clear that our communities were going to need some support and visibility. Not just our LGBT community but the wider community too.

We wanted to reach everyone that needed us. Firstly, our discord server (Voice & Text Chatroom) was launched, providing opportunities that seemed endless. The ability to run a variety of games nights, talks to specific groups, such as the Twister Youth Project which hosts a private chat once a week monitored by Surrey County Council’s Youth Workers.

Alongside this server a Facebook group was also created. Designed to run alongside Pride in Surrey’s main page and designed to specifically to target those wanting that human connection during the pandemic. On here you can find live cook alongs, positive stories and even live gigs.

Our emphasis has always been on the tag line that you are not alone, someone will always be there to listen. In order to make this even more possible we have recently launched our two SMS/Text message services with ‘Talk’, focusing on tackling isolation and, ‘Sam’, helping potentially vulnerable people through difficult situations like domestic violence throughout this challenging time.

Throughout all of these platforms we hope to ensure that no one feels they can’t reach out for support, now and as life moves forward. We are here, You are NOT Alone!

If you need to talk, we have 2 services that you may be able to benefit from, see below;