About /NOT Alone

/NOT Alone is about bringing the community and allies together through the difficult times of COVID-19 and saying, “you are not alone”.

Whilst some of us may have to self-isolate, whilst majority of us continue to follow the governments lockdown and also whilst some of us have to continue battling through COVID-19 as key workers, we may, at times, feel like we are dealing with the stress or day to day worries of it all on our own.

/NOT Alone is about saying… If you don’t have the ability to connect with some of your friends, family or acquaintances at this time, we are here. We’re here to listen and sign post relevant resources and/or support but we’re also here to facilitate that sense of community that still exists but just in a different form.

Part of any Pride is about bringing like-minded people together. We’d be rubbish if we didn’t innovate and think of other ways of bringing the amazing community and allies together.

What’s Online?

We’re proud to be offering a number of supportive, inviting and friendly online services. They are completely free for you to take full advantage of. You are not alone, we’re here so come and join us!

Not Alone Facebook

Not alone on facebook offers regular live streams including cook alongs, music, mental health discussions & much more.

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Not Alone Discord

On our not alone discord group we host weekly social groups, online games & chats with professionals such as Surrey Police.

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Not Alone Youtube

We’re very proud to offer a number of digital resources that encourage mindfulness & explore ways to cope with strong emotions.

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On Facebook…

On Facebook you’ll see a number of things from debates and polls to live entertainment events and even special guest takeovers.

Weekdays at 5:30pm you’ll be able to ‘Cook-along’ live with a member of the team as they demonstrate how good *or bad their cooking skills may be.

The /NOT Alone facebook group also offers regular inspirational quotes, exciting conversation topics and up to date news so join us by clicking here.

On Discord (Online Chat Server)

Tuesday – 6.30pm – Blossom LGBT 18 to 25 social group – General Check in & chats
Friday – (private event for under 18s) – Twister Youth Group (E-mail here for more info)
Thursday – 8.00pm
– Audrey’s GAMES NIGHT, come and play along and join in! Everyone welcome!

The discord server is always open for general chat, so why not pop on and have a chat with us? Click here.